Product images submitted to GfK Etilize must meet the following specifications:

General Image Requirements

Image should be of the product itself;
Do not submit images of the product packaging
Do not submit drawings or illustrations of the product
Images are to be set against a plain white background (no shadows)
Crop image to avoid too much background space appearing around the product. Image should fill at least 95% of the image in the longest dimension of the product

Image Resolution Requirements

Preferred: 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels at 300 dpi

Standard Minimum: 500 pixels x 500 pixels at 72 dpi

Note: Smaller images may be accepted if at a higher resolution. Images can be re-sized smaller than the maximum, but never enlarged.

Format & Technical Requirements

Image Naming

Images are to be named using the combination of the manufacture part number and the image type (“MPN _Type”).

Examples: ABC012\_Main.jpg, ABC012\_Right.jpg or ABC012_Alternate1.jpg

Image Types & Quality Standards

Standard Image Types

There are 8 image types that can be supplied against each product. These include:

Main – A professional photograph of the product being sold
Left – Image rotated 45deg to the left
Right – Image rotated 45deg to the right
Back – Image of the back of the product
Top – Ariel view of the product
Bottom – Image of the bottom of the product
Lifestyle – Image of the product in use. These images do not require a white background image.
Alternate – Any additional image of the product that is not defined above. These can include text, callouts, logos, certifications, energy guides etc. If supplying multiple Alternative images, please add an incremental number to the filename such as Alternate1.jpg, Alternate2.jgp etc.

Quality Standards

Supplying Images to GfK Etilize

There are multiple ways of providing images to GfK Etilize. Please use the method that is easiest for your company.

Links to hosted Image

– Supply a text or Excel file with links to the locally hosted image. GfK Etilize will then collect the images from the supplied links. Make sure that there is a clear identification of what image goes with each product if multiple product images are supplied.

Prepackaged Images

– Supply a package of a mapping file along with the digital assets in a compressed folder (zip or rar). In the mapping file (txt or excel) clearly identify the part number and the assets that are attached to each product. Please contact GfK Etilize if you require access to a FTP folder to share this package.

SpexAccess Provision

– If you are part of the GfK Etilize SpexAccess program, images can be supplied individually or in bulk through the online portal. Please contact your account rep if you need assistance in uploading images to GfK Etilize.
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