GfK Etilize now has the ability to accept and syndicate the feature/benefit bullets for your products.

Defining such feature/benefit bullets captures the essence of a product’s main features and are typically displayed right after the product title or add-to-cart link on the product display page of the website. Customers also display first few of the bullet points for each product within the search results page.

Here is how your feature/benefits bullets are displayed over at SpexAccess portal product display page:

You can use SpexAccess portal to add feature/benefits bullets to a new product or update existing feature/benefits bullets. You can do so by going to product display page and add/update these bullets product by product or update bullets for multiple products at once by upload a file or filling in the provided template.

Add/Update Bullets for Single Product

Once you have Product Display Page open and click “Update Product Data” on the top right corner, select “Add/Update Feature/Benefit Bullets” from the drop down and provide the feature/benefits bullets copy in the text-area below the drop down. Once done, click the Submit button. It will create a new Task in our system for Etilize team to review the provided bullets and publish them.

Add/Update Bullets for Multiple Products

This is the most efficient and easy way to update all your products in the system with feature/benefit bullets.

If you already have a file with all the feature/benefits bullets for your products along with identifiers like manfacutrer part number, Etilize can accept this file, process it and bulk update all the products with provided bullets.

If you don’t already have a file and need an easy template to fill in the bullets, please click here to download one. The following is the description of the columns in this template:

Once you have the template or your own files ready, click “Upload Files” from the top menu, select Feature/Benefit Bullets from the drop down, attach files by click “Select File(s)” button and click Submit. Similar to single product update, this will create a new Task in our system and Etilize team will review and process your request and publish the provided bullets for all products in the file.

If it is easier, you can also email the file(s) to your Delivery Manager for review/processing.
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