Product Page

The product page is similar to any other Product Pages over at different E-Commerce websites, and it displays all the information stored within Etilize for a specific Product. Using this page, you will be able to Add / Modify the A+ Content, Request 360 Views to be Published or even change the Product Title / Sub-Title, etc. The only difference between this page and the page displayed over at other resellers is, this page is Editable, and whatever changes you make, will be reflected on thousands of other Distributors / Resellers.


Overview, Specifications, Accessories, etc are all different sections containing their respective information. Each section is described in detail below:


Rich marketing or A+ Content for the product lies in this section where you can create/modify the A+ content from this section. If you already have your A+ Content created elsewhere, and you would like to copy the same to us, you can simply click "Upload" and enter the URL you wish to copy. The complete A+ will be copied into our system - to learn more about A+ Content, Click Here


Specifications page consists of complete specifications of the product.



Any accessories/options that are available for the selected product will be in the accessories section.


About The Brand

This section is similar to A+ Content and is created the same way, the only difference is, About The Brand is Brand Specific, meaning this will be syndicated along with each product for that specific brand. This can be created/modified from "Manage Brands" section.

Product history

This tab will have the record of tasks (changes/updates) performed on the selected product.
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