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Product videos are a powerful marketing tool that help build trust and credibility, increasing the likelihood a consumer will buy your product. They are becoming a major factor in purchasing decisions according to Internet Retailer:

More than half of consumers watch product videos and 96% of those people agree it helps them make an online purchase decision. Internet Retailer
Because videos tap into the human emotion, the persuasion is higher and consumers are more confident about making a purchase. Videos also provide the ability to educate, entertain and reinforce your product’s main features and benefits in a matter of only a few minutes.

You can now upload multiple videos of your products directly within the SpexAccess portal. You can simply upload a video file(s) or provide the link(s) to your video(s) hosted over YouTube, Vimeo and other hosting platforms that we may provide support for in the future.

The Product Videos player supported by GfK Etilize is completely responsive, meaning your video will be visible/available to every device irrespective of its size i.e. laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Manufacturers can also have a product video defined against criteria where it will be attached to multiple products of the same series or genre.

Steps to Publish Video(s) to a Single Product

Login to SpexAccess and traverse to the “Product Search” tab on the top menu or you can also enter your product into the keyword search bar
Find and click on the magnifying glass it will take you to the product page.
Click the Videos tab.
Click the Plus (+) icon to begin adding your video(s). (Screenshot provided below).

Here you can choose to upload a video file or provide a URL to the supported portals (YouTube / Vimeo) along with their titles.

When finished with uploading videos, you must select the videos using the check box above each video and click “Publish”.

Note: Traversing away from the page without hitting “Publish” will result in all progress being lost without warning. Saving videos as drafts is not yet available.  
Steps to Publish Video(s) to a Selected Criteria (Category)

In order to have video(s) published to different products of the same category. Please follow the instructions below;

Login to SpexAccess and click “Upload Files” from the Top Menu.
Choose the “Data Type” from the provided Menu, in this case it will be “Product Videos”.
In the description box, provide the category(ies) you would like the videos to be published into, along with their titles.
Upload the file(s) using the provided “Attach Files” button or provide the URL(s) to your video(s) in the Description Box (Screenshot provided below).

This request will then be forwarded to your GfK Etilize point of contact for processing and completion.

Maximum 6 Videos Can be associated to one product.
Maximum file size is 20 MB.
Maximum 150 characters for video titles.
Supported file types are: WebM, OGV, MP4, FLV, WMV
Links/Embedded Tags currently supported for: YouTube, Vimeo

If we are missing a video hosting platform where you host your videos and would like to provide an embedded code, please notify your GfK Etilize point of contact so that we can review and try to add it along with the other supported platforms.

Steps to add Closed Caption to Product Video

The closed caption support that we’ve integrated is based on the VTT format that takes advantage of the HTML5 elements, the advantage of VTT over the traditional SRT is the ability to change the positioning and appearance of the subtitle text during playback of the videos which gives the product videos a more natural look.

Please note that videos closed captioning is a requirement for ADA compliance (American with Disabilities Act). Refer to ADA compliance website for further details: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

We will select our product video which will be under the “Video” tab.
Click the “Gear” icon on the video itself.

Then click on “Add/Update” and the file uploader window will open, there are many ways to upload the Closed Caption file which are mentioned below:

File Upload
Google Drive Sharing
Provision of FTP details
Links / URL method

Once the closed caption file is associated to the video the result will be as below

Guidelines for Closed Caption File
Closed captions can be managed with non-published and/or already published videos.
Closed captions cannot be managed with criteria-based videos.
Closed captions cannot be managed with embedded videos but can be viewed against embedded videos with existing closed captions.
Support for closed captions is present for SpexWidget, Minisite and Product Tours.

Steps to Add Product Video Cover Image

The SpexAccess portal facilitates the vendor with an option to select the display image for their uploaded product videos. Once the video is uploaded, vendor will get an option to manage the poster image of their choice to give user a better understanding of what the Video is about by viewing the display image at play screen.

Scroll down and click on the “Video” tab.

Click the Gear icon on video to enter the Video options.

Click on Add/Update for Poster Image selection menu.

Poster image can be uploaded from the following mentioned ways:

File Upload
Google Drive
Provision of FTP link
Link / URL method

Once the image is uploaded and associated with the video, it will preview as below.

Original Video before Poster Image upload:

Video Preview after Poster Image applied:
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