Whether you would like to add more products to your catalog or change any information regarding your products, you would have to use the Upload Files feature.

You can change the request type by clicking on the Drop-down menu titled as “Data Type” and selecting the appropriate cause of an upload.

The drop-down menu consists of the following options:

General Product Update.

Product Titles.

Product Rich Media

Product Plain Marketing

Full Catalog request

New Product Request

You will have to define the cause (New SKUs / Changes required, etc.) of Upload, and wrap the file(s) in a zip file and using the “**Select Files**” button, attach the file – write the Upload Description if required and click Submit.

If the data is time sensitive where it must not be added before a certain date, identify this in the Apply Effective Date field.

-if you would like to change only the ‘Product Title’, ‘Product Sub-Title’ or ‘Product Rich Media’ in Bulk, please use our automated system by clicking on the tab “Bulk Edit”
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